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In the period 2002 to 2006, there were significant increases in the area planted to Bt protected cotton and maize, and herbicide tolerant maize also increased in sown area.In the process of transgenesis, genes from a different species are inserted, which is a form of horizontal gene transfer.Another Fruit Super food – the Avocado. October 18,. Genetic Roulette trailer.Genetically modified soybeans carried herbicide-tolerant traits only, but maize and cotton carried both herbicide tolerance and insect protection traits (the latter largely the.Meanwhile, the planting of GM alfalfa currently remains halted in the US, and it is unclear when it may resume.

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To do this artificially may require attaching genes to a virus or.While Monsanto can claim technical victory in the case, various other issues still remain open, and will likely be litigated in the future.Footer Menu Back To Top About About Scribd Press Our blog Join our team.Genetic roulette: the gamble of our lives. a Genetic roulette:. 0 650 0 |a.

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It was the concern of the organic growers that the GM alfalfa could cross-pollinate with their organic alfalfa, making their crops unsalable in countries that forbid the growing of GM crops.

Genetic modification involves the insertion or deletion of genes.

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The Grocery Manufacturers of America estimate that 75% of all processed foods in the U.S. contain a GM ingredient.The publicity given to transgenic trait Bt insect resistance has encouraged the adoption of better performing hybrid cotton varieties, and the Bt trait has substantially reduced losses to insect predation.

Critics have objected to GM foods on several grounds, including possible safety issues.

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The first commercially grown genetically modified whole food crop was a tomato (called FlavrSavr), which was modified to ripen without softening, by Calgene, later a subsidiary of Monsanto.